Divine Youth Club Nepal Nationwide Coronavirus Awareness Programs 31st December 2019 was the date when the world came to know about the insidiously occurring ominous novel coronavirus aka COVOD 19. Reckoning the severity of its spread in a short period of time as pandemic disease, our respected spiritual mentor, Sangita Didi, President of Shree Radha Madhav Samiti Nepal, recommended initiating the nationwide awareness campaign against the virus during one of the club meetings at Youth Spiritual Happiness Camp. Collaborating with the Ministry of Health and Population, DYCN medical team formulated a strategy to mobilize the youth volunteers that participated in the camp, to spread the message on 3 topics: 1. Hand Washing 2. Wearing mask & 3. Social distancing, Covering at least 100 schools and colleges in 77 districts of the nation. Hand Washing kits comprising of 4 hand sanitizer, 4 hands wash with its refill pack, were distributed to schools, free of cost. The WHO authorized 7 steps of handwashing, proper way of using a surgical mask, and social distancing knowledge were imparted in naive graspable languages. This led to the propagation of messages from schools/colleges to their family and community. Our campaign was initially focused on Schools and Colleges. Later, we organized Rallies, focused our programs to old age care centers, and crowded public places. Kathmandu, being the cosmopolitan city of Nepal, and the most probable site of pandemic outbreak epicenter in Nepal, we centralized our campaign here until the very last day when the Government of Nepal initiated a lockdown. Amidst limited resources, as per the teaching of Respected Saint Swami Shree Haridas Ji, for selfless social service, the club served its national duty for the protection against COVID-19 until Nepal went under Lockdown.

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