Monthly Archives: June 2020

On the special occasion of the holy day from which Respected Swami Shri Haridasji started the discourse from Shyama Shyam Dham, Thimi Nepal, Divine Youth Club Nepal Kaski and Shyama Shyam Satsanga Pokhara jointly handed over daily necessities to the needy people at the Human Service Ashram.

The simultaneous realization of the delicate balance of ‘Body, Mind and Soul’ in life is “Yog”. In this humdrum era, where we frequently loose our cool and get under stress easily, practicing Yoga connects us to our true self, true potential and makes us physically, mentally, and Spirituality Strong in our daily life. Realizing the […]

Divine Youth Club Nepal organized a webinar to mark 6th International Day of Yoga with the theme of “Yoga at Home and Yoga with Family” amidst current pandemic. Members from all over Nepal and abroad participated enthusiastically and were benefitted during two-hour session of Yoga and Roopdhyan Meditation as per our Spiritual Mentors, Swami Shree […]

The pandemic, COVID-19, forced many nations to go in complete lockdown and Nepal was also one of them. As the Government went on with strict lockdown measures, the working class were the one to bear upon the impact. The contract workers were on the national news channel which showed their derailed status in lack of […]

Blood donation saves life and Yes, despite the prevailing lockdown, that’s been aggravating the scarcity of blood, a nation already is facing, we, DYCN decided to preclude the scarcity. Kathmandu Valley along with other DYCN district centers conducted an emergency blood donation, abiding strictly to WHO infection prevention guidelines. Besides This pandemic too, DYCN is […]

With inspiration from our beloved Swami Shree Haridasji, Divine Club Worldwide USA continues its relief efforts in various states. Volunteers participated in supplying grocery and essential household items to the affected by the pandemic in the states of Virginia & Minnesota.