The pandemic, COVID-19, forced many nations to go in complete lockdown and Nepal was also one of them. As the Government went on with strict lockdown measures, the working class were the one to bear upon the impact. The contract workers were on the national news channel which showed their derailed status in lack of logistic rescue. To attenuate the impending doom for the sake of humanity, We, DYCN Kathmandu valley collaborated with local governing bodies for relief distribution as per need. DYCN is cordially supporting Shree Radha Madhav Samiti Nepal in “Prime Minister COVID-19 relief fund”, being its sister organization. Meanwhile, we, DYCN at respective districts have been patronizing the local administration in respective districts. DYCN salutes all the front line workers against this Pandemic, and we were delighted to provide Health workers and Nepal Police with masks, clean drinking water, and Hygiene Kit throughout the nation. In showing our respect for the utmost dedication and determination our front liners have put forward in controlling this Pandemic, we abided by the National and international call to organize an event in the respect to these brave front liners. We, DYCN, were at different corners of Nepal at our home and we dispensed our solitude as respect. Apart from the ongoing humdrum, we came to know about the ongoing blood scarcity that various districts were facing. So to countervail it, we managed to coordinate with the respective district Red Cross Society and arranged for the blood donation program where needed. Never for a while, we stop for the sake of humanity. There was regardlessly leftover Cowherd on one of the highways to whom we came across and got a wonderful opportunity to feed them with their appetite. Nepalese students studying in the USA were assisted by our sister organization at the US, Divine Club worldwide USA, in providing relief material as needed per se. To all the humanitarian act of social service we, youth, got while being under the shade of this organization DYCN, we are indebted for eternity to Our Spiritual mentors Respected Swami Shree Haridas Ji and Respected Sangeeta Didi, for guiding us in this path of Spiritual Happiness through the medium of Social services. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ About Divine Youth Club Nepal: Divine Youth Club Nepal is the socio-spiritual not-for-profit youth organization where like-minded Nepali youth volunteer for self less social service and practice spirituality. Club members are guided by Swami Shree Haridas Ji, who preaches the deep spiritual teachings of Sanatan Dharma and dispel the myths and misconception related to it.

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